Nigerian’s Reacts to the Declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day

Nigerian’s Reacts to the Declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day

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President Buhari had declared June 12 as Democracy Day.

The declaration was made via his verified Facebook account in the wee hours of yesterday. While most Nigerians where happy over the declaration, we where able to spot out a few how had an indifferent and divergent view to the whole scenarios.

See some of the hilarious posts below:


Aluma Jona Enyi posted:  This is a nice idea.. you just systematically added few days to ur tenure because it has been concluded and sealed that you ar leaving Aso rock on 29th may.

Adamu Sharu Babura posted: With due much respect sir ,please what does this has to do with the lives of Ordinary Nigerians ??? This is not what we are clamouring for now ,because many people couldn’t afford three square meal per day, insecurity is increasing by d day, take a look at what is happening in Zamfara,rampant kidnapping and Farmers/Fulani herdsmen crisis.

Nigerians are living from hand to mouth ,hunger is increasing ,things are getting tough for everyone at d moment.
Please do something urgent to assuage our suffering .

Comr Chinedu Sylvester posted: Sharp guy, he has started his 2019 Presidential Campaigns already.
Oga, I salute your cleverness.
But let Nigerians decide, abeg

Godwin Abdullahi posted: A little impressive move!! Weldone.. But, people are still dying daily in mass under your watch. Fix that too or humbly resign pls..

M C Wako Jude posted: This is a plan work to tarnish IBB so that he wouldn’t be able to talk during 2019 election cux he was the one who nullified that MKO election but this is not what Nigeria need now cux it wouldn’t stop the killings or hunger in the land rather it is a means for u people steal money pretending it is use for the so called whatever,oga face serous issues like herdsmen killings and other issues.

Richii Anayo Nwobasi posted: Herdsmen are killing SOULS that voted you into power in Benue state even as at time of press and you talking about June 12., it’s a shame! When will you wake up and do the right thing😭

Nigeria is a cemetery now because of your ineffectiveness and cluelessness!

Suleiman Bala posted: Mr president sorry to say so, You have self interest in your leadership. That is why people’s are suffering….

Prince Ndidi Henry posted: Can this change of democracy day celebration change your attitude and understanding of the word democracy,Ngbo Mr President?

Benjamin Mogbo Ojo posted: The honour is long overdue, but I will implore Mr president to call for the counting of the total votes and the winner officially declared. The chief justice will then be called upon to do a posthumous swearing in of the winner as the Ninth president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Abidoye Abass Adeniyi posted: I am glad your Government finally acknowledge June 12 as a Democracy Day. The struggle of our fallen heroes is not in vain. I was part of this struggle as a young boy during IBB government. It was too tough for us to let go.
But the fact is my old general it’s time for retirement . I am not convinced you can have my vote come 2019. #SaiBabatoDaura2019#Takeitback#NigeriaYouthTakingOver


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