Rats eats, destroys over N17 Million banknotes inside ATM

Rats eats, destroys over N17 Million banknotes inside ATM

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Upon discovery that one of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of an Indian bank was faulty, technicians opened it up for repair however, unknown to them, they were in for the greatest shocker of their lives.

A total of N17million in rupees; more than 1.2m rupees (£13,300; $17,600) had been shredded and the suspected culprits are rats. It was gathered that the rats had gained access to the machine through a hole for wiring.

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The banknotes of 2,000 and 500 rupee denominations destroyed however,they managed to salvage another 1.7m rupees. The photo of the a.t.m with the shreded notes have been shared on Twitter, alongside a baby rat which was caught

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