Photos: 5 SEX’ positions you must try! All are awesome! See!!!

Photos: 5 SEX’ positions you must try! All are awesome! See!!!

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Most sexual encounters have one form of mouth-to-body touching or the other. Number 4 is the one everyone readily does while most people are still picking on 1 and 2. But number 3 is a tough one

Have you tried oral sex or you’re still seeing it as the forbidden fruit?
If you’re not yet on board, you must know that oral sex is mutually pleasing to both partners involved and can be highly intimate too.
Oral sex is simply a form of sexual activity that involves the stimulation of the erogenous zones of the genitalia using the mouth – mouth to genitals
Parts of the mouth involved include the lips, tongue or teeth and throat (i.e. deep-throating fellatio).
Wha’anda found an article on The Health Site which gives an interesting twist to the whole oral sex game, presenting five awesome positions for you:
1. THE ORAL FACESITTER The-Oral-Facesitter
This is a male-submissive position where the man has to lie down on his back while the woman kneels over his face, with her vagina open over his mouth for him to ‘eat’. It is the oral of woman on top sex position
This is a female-submissive position where the man stands straight and the woman kneels in front of him. She can then handle his penis and please it as she deems fit.
3. THE 69 ORAL
This is the most equal sex position that allows both partners to orally stimulate each other at the same time lying head to feet beside of over each other.
The-Classic-Oral (1)
This is the standard position for oral where either the man or the woman lays on the bed with legs spread open for the other partner to perform the oral magic.
This is the oral variation of the doggy style where the woman kneels on all fours, leaving her vagina spread out, while the man kneels behind her to do his thing.
A woman performing cunnilingus on another woman
So you see, oral sex can be as interesting as you want it to be.
‘Y not give it a try… Lol

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