Oshiomhole Debunks Rumuor that Wife Lara Asked for Divorce

Oshiomhole Debunks Rumuor that Wife Lara Asked for Divorce

EDO State Government yesterday, dismissed insinuations making the rounds in the Social Media that the wife of the Governor, Mrs. Iara Oshiomhole, had filed for divorce, describing the rumour as satanic, wicked and malicious. While condemning the authors of the rumour and urging them to desist from such demonic activities, the government warned that should they continue, they would definitely reap the benefits because the wicked would not go unpunished.

Edo State Government in a statement by John Mayaki, Executive Director, Media and Public Affairs, Governor’s Office, said: “Ordinarily, we would have no need to join issues with the merchants of rumours whose stock-in-trade is to malign public figures but for the need to allay the fears of those who might have been misled by their devious garbage. We are compelled to clear the air before this careless, utterly reckless, unethical and irresponsible journalism (if it can be so described) becomes an epidemic.

“Which Court of Law was the alleged divorce initiated and to whom was it served? Which country, state, municipal or county, if any, is the Court situated? And when was the action/suit filed? Of course the writers didn’t bother to inform their readers. The truth however is that the answers only exist in the warped imagination of the purveyors of the lies.”

According to the statement: “The fact is – Mrs. Iara Oshiomhole is enjoying her marriage. She NEVER filed for divorce and there is clearly no basis for it. Mrs. Oshiomhole was in her office throughout the week holding meetings and brainstorming how to better the lots of the less-privileged Women and Children in the state through her pet project: “We Care Trust”.

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