Nursery School Teachers Rape Six Year Old Student

Nursery School Teachers Rape Six Year Old Student

A 6years old female student at the De-Emerates Nursery School, at highbrow Rijiyar Zaki Quarters of Kano State, was raped by two of her teachers according to sources.

The mother of the victim, who spoke with SaharaReporters, said that she had taken her daughter to school on Thursday at 7am. When she returned later that afternoon, at about 1pm, she was told that her daughter had fallen sick.

According to the mother, “a female staff informed me that she was sick and cannot even stand on her feet.”

The young girl was then rushed to the Imam Wali Hospital, nearby her school, but was then referred to the general hospital due to physical damage to her private parts. 

At Murtala Muhammad General Hospital the mother was informed that, due to the seriousness of injury inflicted on her daughter, a police officer or Hisbah Official must be informed. The official and medical professionals then told the mother that her daughter was in urgent need of medical attention because of the severity of her rape. 

When the little girl regained consciousness at the hospital, she told those present that it was “Uncle Bello and Uncle Sulaiman” in the morning who had told her to lie down and bring something out of their trousers and “put it here [referencing to her private parts].”

Our correspondent’s investigation took him to the school but efforts to speak with Hajiya Ruqayya, the school Proprietress, proved unsuccessful. Mrs. Ruqayya denied that the rape took place at her school and asked our correspondent to leave immediately.

The parents of the victim have reported the incident to the Divisional Police Office of Rijiyar Zaki Quarters for further investigation to unravel the circumstances that led to the unfortunate development.

Credit: SaharaReporters

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