Eye Pencil Tragically Enters Lady’s Eye While Applying Make-Up in a Car

Eye Pencil Tragically Enters Lady’s Eye While Applying Make-Up in a Car

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A tragic incident has occurred to a 20 year old lady who tried applying make up in the car, while stuck in traffic, mistakenly stabbed herself in the eye after the moving vehicle rammed into a sudden halt.

Thankfully, the left eye of the woman was not damaged, even though an eyeliner pencil lodged in her eye after the taxi she was travelling in slammed into a truck while she was putting on her make-up.

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The woman, who was sitting in the back of the cab in a slow-moving traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand, on the way to see her friends was forced to head immediately for the hospital, upon the emergency.

According to paramedic who were called to the scene;
‘We received a call and there was one injured female with an eyebrow pencil inserted into her left eye.

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‘She was in a lot of pain when we came but she could still talk to us and explain what happened. There was not a lot of blood but she had a small nose bleed.’

The girl was still conscious and taken to the Rajavithi Hospital where medics removed the pencil without any lasting injuries.

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