#BuyMadeInNaijaGoods: Senator Ben Murray Purchases Made-in-Nigeria Cars from Innoson Company

#BuyMadeInNaijaGoods: Senator Ben Murray Purchases Made-in-Nigeria Cars from Innoson Company

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As efforts to promote made in Nigeria products in order to rescue the economy continues, Innoson Motors were spotted today in front of the National Assembly complex to the surprise and delight of Nigerians. 
Vocal senator, Ben Murray Bruce, ordered for some cars and from his announcement, an SUV purchased from the local company will become his official vehicle.
Senator Ben Murray-Brace just shared these photos with caption:

“Dr. Innoson Chukwuma has delivered my Innoson cars which I will now use as my official car”

Meanwhile, reports have it that the local car manufacturer, Innoson motors is set to meet with the leadership of the National Assembly in a bid to boost the patronage of the company.

Innoson spokesman, Cornel Osigwe revealed that if the National Assembly endorsed the vehicles as official cars, it will increase the patronage from Nigerians and other African countries. He added that Innoson is working with certain banks in Nigeria to help Nigerians purchase durable and brand new Innoson vehicles instead of buying used ones from foreign countries.

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