British Sniper Bullet Beheads ISIS Executioner Who Was Teaching His Men How to Behead Prisoners

British Sniper Bullet Beheads ISIS Executioner Who Was Teaching His Men How to Behead Prisoners

A British sniper has beheaded an ISIS executioner with a single shot while the militant was teaching jihadis how to decapitate prisoners.
Daily Mail reports that some 20 Islamic fighters were taking part in the executioner’s outdoor lesson when he was killed by the elite British soldier – hiding 4,000ft away and using specially-designed ‘wounding’ bullets.
A witness said the entire group of student jihadis then fled, deserting their cause after the ill fated training session at a small village in northern Syria.
Speaking with The Daily Express, a witness said the British sniper was using a Dan.338 rifle with a suppressor to prevent any noise and flash giving away his position.
Aiming a foot to the side of his target in order to adjust for wind, it was expected the cruel commander – known as the local executioner – would require two shots to kill. Instead, the first bullet – designed to tumble as it travels, in order to maim – struck him in the back of the head.
The source said: ‘One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in.
‘He was an extremely sadistic and ruthless individual, feared by the locals and the jihadis alike.’
British Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to engage in a ground war with ISIS troops in Iraq and Syria, but small Sniper teams are carrying out commando raids against the jihadis.
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