Boko Haram Commanders Currently Angry with Abubakar Shekau…Read Why

Boko Haram Commanders Currently Angry with Abubakar Shekau…Read Why

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The Nigerian journalist known to have access to Boko Haram commanders, Salkida Ahmad, has said that recent attacks on the camps of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have created rancour within the rank and file of the Boko Haram sect.

In a report on, Ahmad quoted a source within the group as saying that many Boko Haram leaders were silently grumbling and others openly voicing their opposition to the elusive Abubakar Shekau over these“unexplained attacks on the innocent”.

The source, according to Ahmad, said the only explanation given for these attacks was that the people had run to government-held territories. The source added that some of the group’s leaders saw the IDPs as supportive of government’s war against the sect, therefore, deserving of the attacks.

However a leading member within the leadership rank dismissed this line of argument and warned against attacking displaced persons.

“We cannot be subjecting more hardship and grief to the people more than the army of the Kufr (unbelievers) subjects them to,” the person said.

According to Ahmad, a growing number of the Boko Haram militants were unhappy with the individual vengeful ploy and attacks, as opposed to the group’s original doctrine-driven campaign.

“What we now have is people are left to choose between the army of Kufr and us, and lately, the people are increasingly choosing the Kufr,”
 Ahmad quoted the source as saying.

In the past, no prominent leader of the group had cause to oppose the decisions of Shekau, Ahmad said. However besides the fact that the group was walking on a tight rope, there has been a raging disquiet in their ranks on the way things are being run, leading to breakaway and desertion, leaving those that can’t leave to grumble quietly.

Source: The Cable

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