68 Soccer Nations where Women are on Top!

68 Soccer Nations where Women are on Top!

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“In 2015 a staggering 764 million viewers watched the US trounce Japan 5 – 2 in the women’s soccer World Cup final, which just shows how popular the women’s game has become in a global scale.

In the US in particular soccer is one of the most popular sports amongst women, with more and more clubs forming each day and continual investment in local training facilities from the Government.

However, we wanted to know whether this was the case outside of the US as well. A recent article from Soccer Training Lab found 68 countries where the women’s team outranked the men’s in the fifa rankings and there were some surprising results:

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Infographic Design by Soccer Training Lab

The Nigerian ladies nicknamed the Super Falcons are the top ranked African ladies team, winning the first 7 African championships and currently ranking in 38th position, 14 places above their males counterparts. However, this isn’t the case all over Africa so we’d love to hear your thoughts on how the womens game can develop on our continent.

  • Would you pay to watch a women’s game?
  • What will it take to male the women’s game common place in Nigeria?
  • Do you think women deserve equal pay for soccer games?
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“I can’t recite Nigerian national anthem well” – Alex Iwobi

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