6 Tips for spicing up your Relationship

6 Tips for spicing up your Relationship

a. Send love texts: To each other, tell yourselves why you love each and what you appreciate in each other (one per love text)

b. Be spontaneous: Just stop and kiss your passionately ones a while. It doesn’t need to lead to anything else, but if it does go with it.

c. Give quick massages: Just before bed offer a quick foot massage or body rub to relieve his/her tension from the day.

d. Pillow Talk: Spend time to reminisce on some of your favorite and wonderful moments together.

e. Have Laughs: Share secret jokes at odd places, let something, someone or some words make you laugh spontaneously.

f. Go on Dates: Ones in a while, drop all things and just yourselves out and behave like new love birds

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