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What they did to this phone thief, will shock you! [Photos]

It was a memorable day today in the students’ area of Osun state University, Osogbo today as nemesis caught on a thief that has been disturbing the area for long.

The students was taken to fear and hot temper when the culprit was chased by some students while he was trying to escape with the stolen goods.

A student who goes by the nickname “Nation” led the team of students who got hold of the robber who tormented them overnight.

It was scenario happens around 5:20am this morning. The suspect was reported to have burgled in a popular hostel, not aware some of the students have seen him from afar.

Speaking with one of the eye witness who pleaded for anonymity, He said:-

After the Robber has successfully exploited some students, threatened them with cutlass, collected phones and laptops, A student secretly called one of the Strong student on Campus named “Nation” who lives in a nearby hostel and alerted him about what is happening, he said.

See photos below:-

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