Too bad! Police in Enugu, allegedly arresting people indiscriminately and demanding money to bail them

This is really not good to hear, we just received this compliant from our readers… If this  new government didn’t act on it, it may escalate. 


 In abakpa yesterday police came for ‘raging’ as thy call it,  thy started picking by picking young men even when you are sitting in front of your house.

To an extent that thy picked up a man that was coming back from work with the things he bought for soup. Even when you present your identity card thy still insist that u will get to the station.

One of the victim who spoke to us, said going to the station is not the problem but putting him inside the cell were criminals are, is on called for,  and bailling them with five thousand naira. 

Is extortion. They even slapped him and sprayed tear gas into his eyes, he claimed.

Please government should look into this before it get out of hand.

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