Students of Bethesda Home for The Blind visits Annie Idibia

Students of Bethesda Home for The Blind visits Annie Idibia

The actress shared the photo online, writing;

So today I woke up getting so mad at myself for complaining about the things i don’t have, the things I want done sharp sharp,forgetting all that am blessed with.. The things that money or gold can not buy.. I have eyes that can see, ears that that can hear, mouth that can talk, hands that can work, legs that walk/run am Well n healthy..
Was inspired by the blind student that came visiting yesterday,wasn’t expecting them at all but was so excited 2c them! I learnt a lot from the little time I spent with them .. they couldn’t see a thing but have eyes, they were so excited n full of life, cracking jokes sef n wanted to be heard , they wanted us to feel their humor , I did my best to hold my tears, cos I was thinking of all WE take for granted n keep askin n askin n askin and never thanking.. So my only prayer point this morning was “thank u lord” and this will my prayer for rest of the week.. I have decided not to ASK him for anything anymore for now than “thank u” … Don’t really know y am writing this ..But really just wanna share… And say THANK YOU guys for your constant support n love. God bless Us all.

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