Read: 9 tips to caress your woman’s breasts the right way

Read: 9 tips to caress your woman’s breasts the right way

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Women love to have their breasts touched because they are very active erogenous organs – filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get activated when touched.
Now, properly manipulating a woman’s breasts could heighten her arousal and lead her to orgasm, as foreplay to sex, during sex or as post-coital fiddling.
In fact touching a woman’s boobs is one of the most popular foreplay techniques to get your woman into the mood for some action.
When you want touch those twins remember to treat them with respect and follow these tips:
1. Move your hands over and under the nipples, softly and gently.
2. Take the nipples with your fore-finger and thumb then rub/pinch softly until you notice an erection.
3. Do not to focus on the nipples alone because you can heighten that experience with your tongue, mouth and hands, caressing, licking, sucking or nibbling them.
4. Gently squeeze both breasts, cup the boobs in your hands and start sucking, very slowly.
5. Make circular motions with your tongue.
6. Gather the boobs together and suck one nipple at a time, alternating
7. Put one nipple in your mouth and press it softly between your tongue and your palate and then suck it softly
8. Also bite the nipples VERY gently.
9. Use all your tongue to lick the breasts as if you are licking a place.
Observe her response to each touch to ensure you notice what she likes themost – the sucking, the pinching or the caressing
NOTE: The breasts are very sensitive to touch and you do not need to rough handle them before she feels you.
Be as gentle as possible and that is enough to get her there.

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