OMG! Doctors use saw, bolt cutters to remove metal from man’s pen!s (photos+video)

In a Thailand hospital, doctors were seen using saw, bolt cutters to remove metal C@.ckring stuck on man’s Pen.!s.


Doctors using saw, bolt cutters to remove C@.ckring from man’s Pen.!s, in Thailand.

A man who was using metal C@.ckring (a S3@.x:’ aid), at home in Bangkok, Thailand, had to be rushed to hospital after getting the ring stuck on his Pen.!s. Doctors did not know what to do until they used bolt cutters to remove it.

Emergency services had to be called, who sent an ambulance to take him to the nearest hospital. Images from the procedure showed medics using 2ft long bolt cutters and a hacksaw to cut off the small ring. The S3@.x:’ toy is used by men who wish to maintain erections.

Watch video below:


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