‘HID Awolowo’ to be Buried in a Gold Casket and a Cloth She Kept 36 years ago

Late Mrs H.I.D Awolowo actually bought a cloth against her burial and the family is set to grant her wish. 

Late H.I.D Awolowo

Wife of Late Obafemi Awolowo, Mrs H.I.D Awolowo who died on the 19th of September, will be buried on November 25th in a white damask fabric she purchased and kept for this reason 36 years back. Her daughter, Reverend (Mrs) Tola Oyediran, uncovered this, saying:

“Mama in her unique way had kept a white damask to be laid in her casket whenever she died since the day she stopped her fabric sales business. And if I am not mistaken, I think she stopped selling fabrics around 1979; meaning that since then, she had kept that damask for that purpose. That is her wish and it will be like that,” she said.

Oyediran additionally stated that Mama will be covered in a gold coffin which will be acquired from the United States of America. She will be covered adjacent to her spouse inside the Awolowo catacomb in the family compound in Okenne, Ogun state.

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