Female Marketers And Indecent Dressing – Patience Ihejirika

Female Marketers And Indecent Dressing – Patience Ihejirika

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Indecent dressing appears to have become a norm among female marketers in Nigeria. The practice is no longer restricted to the banking industry as marketers in other sectors of the economy have also joined the train.
Many people have blamed the development on competitiveness in the market which they say have compelled many firms to adopt several techniques and strategies to sell their goods and services to ensure they remain in business.
This quest has further pushed marketing executives to develop very aggressive techniques aimed at achieving favourable market response. One of the approaches adopted by marketers to gain attention and win the minds of their customers is immoral dressing; dressing patterns in which ladies appear half naked in a bid to capture the attention of their male targets and push through their products.
Indecent dressing has virtually become a trend in the society. As marketers dress to attract marketers, many other young ladies admire their appearance and move to copy them even though the practice is not in conformity with the African societal values.
Expectedly, the society has categorized female marketing executives as corporate prostitutes, yet many of them feel helpless about the tag because they just can’t but please their employers if they must remain on the job.
A female marketing executive with a firm in Abuja who craved anonymity said she discarded everything about morality and societal values the moment she accepted to work for her current employers after going through a long period of joblessness which brought with it rejection and hunger.
She said: “The first few months were horrible, I couldn’t meet my target and the funniest part was that the management attributed the setback to my dressing. They said I was dressing like ‘Mary amaka’ (a novice) and I was advised to shape up or ship out.
“They told me whatever I needed to do to meet my target must have to start with my appearance, that as a marketing executive, I am supposed to dress very attractive and flaunt my endowment. I was shocked when I was told that I was actually employed because of my natural endowment and the belief that I could attract big men to patronise the company.”
She said even though she was not comfortable with the work condition, she just had to accept it because she had no option as she was tired of being jobless.
True, the stories of many female marketers in the country today are not any different from this young lady’s. Many of them don’t enjoy what they do but they just have to make a living. This is why government has to do everything possible to grow the economy and get citizens to take back their dignity.

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