Britain Ready to Return Stolen Fund Stacked in British Banks Back to Nigeria… But with a condition!

Paul Awkright, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria has expressed the readiness of the British government to return looted funds stashed in British Banks, to Nigeria.

While speaking to journalists in Kano on Wednesday, January 20, Awkright said that “what is of utmost concern to British government is how the repatriated funds will be utilized” further stating that “it is the hope of British government that the funds will be used on the execution of development projects.”
He also revealed that his home government is considering the idea of organizing an international summit on corruption which President Buhari will be invited to.
He also said that the summit will discuss the disturbing spate of corruption by people in power.
Awkright also said that for corruption to be cleared from Nigeria, institutional change must be effected in all ramifications of human endeavor while expressing that President Buhari is on the right track in this regard.
He said: “British is committed to helping Nigeria increase its security, stability and prosperity. We would continue to provide capacity building, technical and investigative support to Nigeria to tackle corruption.”
“We are working with President Buhari to ensure the success of the fight against corruption and British will continue to support the administration to ensure free corrupt society in Nigeria.”
The High Commissioner also said that the British government will increase its support to train the Nigerian military in the fight against insurgency.
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