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Too Bad! More airlines places Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Prohibited items’ list

Recall the news about Note Seven being engulfed in flames? Carriers in Australia, Asia and Europe put the phone on a prohibited list over the weekend, this is inline with series of reports attached to the Note 7 being engulfed with fire.

But the ban is spreading so fast meaning, more countries will be expected to follow in the same ban direction.

A similar announcement has being iasued in Virgin Australia, but added that passengers were “strongly advised” not to bring the Note 7 phone to airports.

Singapore Airlines through their Facebook channel said “the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be prohibited from being brought on board all our flights in person, in carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage with effect from 16 October”.

Samsung recalled around 2.5 million phones in September after complaints of exploding batteries.
While it later insisted that all replaced devices were safe, there were reports that those phones were catching fire too.

The company then said it would stop Galaxy Note 7 production.

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